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Loft Conversion Stairs by Loft Conversions Croydon

If you need more space in your home then a loft conversion could be the project for you. Turning your attic into useable space could increase the value of your home by as much as 25% particularly if you're adding an extra bedroom and a bathroom, but one of the first stumbling blocks for many homeowners is whether you have enough room for a staircase.

Staircase For Loft Conversions Croydon Loft Conversion

The team at Loft Conversions Croydon will tell you about the importance of the staircase design in your loft conversion process.

It's worth considering head height when it comes to your loft conversion but the team at Loft Conversions Croydon can help you with this.

Croydon Stairs Regulations

For a loft conversion, a retractable ladders or stairs are not normally acceptable. In a loft conversion, sometimes the stairs can be reworked to offer maximum space.

At Loft Conversions Croydon we know that traditional frame type roof structures are often the most suitable type for loft conversions, allowing the space to be opened up relatively easily and inexpensively.

Staircase Rules And Requirments In Croydon, Greater London

We'd always recommend you see whether you could fit a small, normal staircase in that complies with UK regulations, but a space saver flight is a good alternative if the normal staircase wouldn't fit. You'll always get a warm welcome from the Loft Conversions Croydon team before sitting down with our expert design staff to make your staircase concept a reality.

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